Social Tools: Gravatar Hovercards

A Gravatar is an image that follows a person from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. A Gravatar hovercard is something that pops up next to one’s Gravatar when they hover over the icon; it gives a little more personal information about you.
I have edited my Gravatar hovercard so if you hover over my Gravatar shown in front of the comment below you can see what a Gravatar hovercard looks like and, what and how it shows information about the Gravatar’s user.
To get a Gravatar go to: Then you can edit your Gravatar to create a Gravatar hovercard once you have an account.
For more information see:


One thought on “Social Tools: Gravatar Hovercards

  1. So you can see here how hovering over the Gravatar brings up the Gravatar Hovercard. By clicking on Veiw complete profile one can also see even more about whoever is using that Gravatar.

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