Social Tools: Press This

Press This

Press This provides a lightning-fast way to grab text, images, or video from any website and post it to your blog without ever visiting You can also use Press This to quickly share a link on your blog.

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The piece of text above is something that I grabbed using the cool abilities of Press This, but Press This does more than just grab text from websites it can also grab photos and videos, such as what’s below.


To get Press this all a person has to do is look at Available Tools under Tools in the Dashboard of their wordpress blog editor to drag the Press This button to a space where it’s easy to use.
For more information see:

Social Tools: Polls is a survey software that came be embedded into a word press post so the blog site owners can get feedback from people who see their site. Polldady was created by the same people who made wordpress so it’s pretty easy to get a polldaddy account by going to the poll section of feedback under the dashboard menu while editing your wordpress page. After you have an account you can make an survey directly from wordpress and create a post with it without even copying and pasting the shortcode(although you can).
Shortcode: [ polldaddy poll:insert_poll_number_here ]
Here is a quick example I made:

For more information see:

Social Tools: Gravatar Hovercards

A Gravatar is an image that follows a person from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. A Gravatar hovercard is something that pops up next to one’s Gravatar when they hover over the icon; it gives a little more personal information about you.
I have edited my Gravatar hovercard so if you hover over my Gravatar shown in front of the comment below you can see what a Gravatar hovercard looks like and, what and how it shows information about the Gravatar’s user.
To get a Gravatar go to: Then you can edit your Gravatar to create a Gravatar hovercard once you have an account.
For more information see:

Shortcode: Gist

From what I understand about gisting is it’s a way to share snippets or code with others and that also preserves that code for a long time. Word press allows a person to embed a gist simply into ones page with short code or by just simply pasting the html into the page.
The short code for embedding gist is: [ gist gist-address / ]
Here’s an example:

For more information see:

Shortcode: Display Posts

Display Posts shortcode is a shortcode used to change little details about the posts and how a person wants to display those posts. There are many many many different kinds of shortcodes under this catagory that can be used for both the updated and un-updated version of wordpress(of course there are more options for updated version of word press than the un-updated version).
Here’s a list of most of the arguments(changes) a person can make:
(Because I can’t find out how to post the examples without applying them I’ve created a word document with the examples instead.)

For more information see:

Shortcode: Scribd

Scribd is a publishing service that allows a person to quickly and easily share writing on the web by either attaching documents to the wordpress site or embedding them within the page.

To do use a Scribd shortcode a person needs a scribd account(which is free). The website for getting an account is here: Once an account is made all a person has to do to is upload whatever pdf or word document you want to insert onto you page onto scribd, then click embedded docs and then the wordpress button to get the code that you can paste into the wordpress blog to inset that document onto the page.
The results looks something like this:

For a more detailed explination see: